Melissa MacAskill

Melissa MacAskill

Executive Assistant

Melissa was born in the Annapolis Valley and has lived in many places around North America including Nova Scotia, Labrador, Colorado, Massachusetts and most recently, Nunavut.  After six years working as an Executive Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health in Nunavut, Melissa recently moved to Falmouth where she resides with her 5 year old German Shepherd named Hawker.  You can often find Melissa and Hawker hiking, swimming in the river, out for walks and working on obedience.

Melissa also enjoys her free time plane spotting/all things aviation, hiking, biking, multi-day back country backpacking trips and snowboarding in the winter.  Life long learning is a passion of Melissa’s as well, as she is known to be doing courses on the side that spark her interest from medical to recreational subjects.

Melissa will never pass up an opportunity to grow her house plant collection from plant clippings and can be seen pruning and checking on plants in passing. 

Melissa has a background in Human Services – Disability Supports as well as Continuing Care.  Combining her passion for helping others, organization and administration work along with her educational background, has led her to her position as Executive Assistant at the Windsor Elms Village.