Linda LeVernois

Linda Jamieson

Resident Care Manager

Linda Jamieson’s career at WEV spans over 33 years, a testament to her dedication and passion for enhancing the lives of others. Many roles over the years have included in the kitchen, PCW, LPN, and Nurse Lead for Osprey. In October 2023, an opportunity to grow and impact resident care in a different way arose, and Linda is now the Resident Care Manager in Meadowview.

Linda’s approach to care is characterized by her eagerness to both impart knowledge and embrace continuous learning. She is frequently found engaging with residents and care partners, actively promoting the principles of the Eden Alternative throughout WEV, and enriching the community with her warmth.

Linda is local to Falmouth and is married with 3 adult children. In December 2023 Linda was thrilled to welcome the addition of her Granddaughter. Linda treasures spending quality time with her family and indulging in her favorite pastimes, such as puttering in the garden, which reflect her nurturing nature and love for cultivating growth, both in her personal and professional worlds.