Linda LeVernois

Joanna Osborn

Director of Foodservice / Clinical Dietitian

Originally from Vancouver, I was initially drawn to Queen’s University in Kingston after which Toronto seemed the natural next step. I started my career there in Human Resources but after 5 years, realized I wanted to make the switch into healthcare, so I went back to school, this time to Ryerson University in pursuit of becoming a dietitian. The decision to switch fields was absolutely the right one for me as I have found the work to be immensely satisfying and rewarding.

 I then made my way to the east coast as a freshly minted dietitian and immediately found a home as the Clinical Dietitian at the Windsor Elms and have never looked back. My understanding of aging and caring for those living in Continuing Care has changed dramatically over the years. This is in part thanks to being immersed in the Eden Alternative philosophy which has challenged me to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It is also very much due to working alongside phenomenal staff whose capacity for caring is nothing short of inspiring. In February 2021, after serving 10 years, I am thrilled to now be stepping into the role of Director of Foodservice where I can continue to contribute to life at the Elms in this new capacity.

 Along with my dietetic skills, I also brought with me from Ontario my dog Fritz who quickly became a well-recognized and loved visitor at the Elms – possibly more so than me! From the west coast, I have carried over my other passion which is playing Ultimate Frisbee (like football but with a disc)! And my time at the Elms also saw me have my two wonderful children who have thrived in this warm and inviting community I feel so lucky to be able to call home.