Volunteering at the Elms

COVID-19 Update

The Windsor Elms Village continues to monitor the ongoing situation related to COVID-19.  We adhere to recommendations of the Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer of Health as this situation continues to evolve, with a mandate to minimize contact with people who are older, especially those who are older and have chronic conditions. 

Therefore, community groups and volunteers will be prohibited from entering the Home until further notice.  However, we welcome applications from those who would like to volunteer at the Windsor Elms Village in the future !


Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Please Contact for more information:

Zoe Strutt
Phone: 902 798 2251 ext. 285
Email: Zoe.Strutt@winelms.ca

Volunteering at Windsor Elms Village

For community individuals who are considering volunteering at the Windsor Elms Village in the future!

We have a home full of seniors that could benefit greatly from your dedication and generosity.  Volunteerism is very important to assist in enhancing our resident’s quality of life.  A volunteer is an important asset to our building, and we appreciate any amount of time, large or small, you have to offer us.   Volunteering opportunities are always available, and there are many to choose from.  If you have a talent or skill you would like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  These are some of the assets where we need your help:

  • Provide assistance with parties, teas, and other recreation programs
  • Join our knitting group
  • Help coordinate a new walking program
  • Calling bingo and assisting with bingo
  • Assist with a craft or run a craft group
  • Friendly visiting, reminiscing of old times and photos, reading a local newspaper
  • Playing cards or table games (scrabble, checkers, etc.)
  • Playing any musical instruments, or provide a singing voice
  • Sewing for residents
  • Helping residents get to activities outside the building
  • Transporting residents to church services, outings, appointments etc.
  • Assisting with bus trips
  • Walking with/wheeling residents indoors or outside
  • Writing letters
  • Mealtime Assistance
  • Visiting with your pets
  • Sharing a skill, talent, interest or hobby
  • Sitting with palliative residents

There are always numerous opportunities and an ongoing need for volunteers here at the Windsor Elms Village.  We hope you will join our team, and take part in our self-rewarding experience.   We ask that you have a police record check done and bring it in with the attached forms.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.


Please Contact for more information:

Tanya Carey
Phone: 902 798 2251 ext. 247
Email: Tanya.Carey@winelms.ca

Golden Hearts

The Golden Hearts (formally Auxiliary) was organized in 1992 for the purpose of assisting the Windsor Elms Village in providing a quality style of life appropriate to the individual needs of each Resident.

Its two main objectives are:

– to raise funds to provide for additional  support over and above the normal operating expenditures.

– to involve the community by promoting an understanding of the Windsor Elms’ residents’ life and needs, recruiting members for the Golden Hearts, and to assist with various in-house activities.

This small group of family members, Residents, private individuals and managers from the Elms meets monthly. (except for July, August, and December).

The Golden Hearts coordinate bake sales which include the Annual Christmas Bake Sale, receive donations from indiviudals, and hold raffles throughout the year.  The funds go towards items which will directly enhance the lives of our Residents.  Past purchases included lawn chairs, sun awnings, bed check systems, craft supplies, tub chair, lap tables, transfer belts, cat fund donations, utility carts, exercise equipment, furnishings for the Family Room; monies donated to the new bus fund; Chaplaincy donations; Christmas supplies; garden donations to name a few !

New members are always welcome! The only qualification is that you must have a sincere desire to get involved and participate in helping the Golden Hearts reach its goals and objectives.

Those who do not wish to come to the monthly meetings, can still volunteer to help with fundraising activities and be an associate member.  If there is an event that you would be able to help with, please contact one of the members listed below – and they will provide you with the necessary information for that event.  For example, you can contribute baked items towards a bake sale.  If you have any fundraising ideas we would welcome your input.  

Call us if you want to join the Golden Hearts or have any ideas you would like to share:

Claire Purdy    798-4335

Graham Zwicker   798-4939

Ann Wile   472-2415