Therapeutic Services

Services provided through our Therapeutic Department are all about enhancing the quality of life for our Residents.  And even though our entire staff at the Elms strive to eliminate loneliness, helplessness and boredom that can be experienced by Seniors, this Department specializes in addressing them.

Therapeutics is made up of the following components:  Recreation, Spiritual/Music Therapy, and Physio and Occupational Therapy.

Our Director of Therapeutics oversees the coordination and management of all these components and is very much hands on all aspects herself !


Our dynamic and caring Recreation Team are made up of three Life Enrichment Care Partners – one which is exclusive to each of the 3 Neighbourhoods.  They plan activities and events in a fashion that is unique to the desires and needs of the Residents that live within them.  Activities may vary according to the season and the interests of the Residents.  Examples include morning exercises, bingo, bowling, reading, cooking and gardening.

The Team then comes together to plan for larger group activities which are often held in our Village Hall located in the Village Center.  Activities include monthly sing-a-longs, birthday parties, theme parties such as Canada Day and St Pattie’s Day.

All staff are encouraged to spend time with the residents talking, visiting and doing activities such as reading a book or writing a letter, whenever possible.   Other activities enjoyed by our residents include Arts & Crafts and Cooking Class, which may be facilitated either by staff or volunteers.

Residents who are unable or unwilling to participate in group activities receive opportunities to partake in one-on-one activities and visits from staff and volunteers are not uncommon.

Physiotherapy  & Occupational Therapy

Our Therapy Team consists of a full time Physiotherapist, full time Occupational Therapist and full time Assistant Physiotherapist – all working from our onsite Therapy Clinic.

Our Therapy Team visits the neighbourhoods regularly to conduct assessments, and provide one on one care.  Residents also enjoy visiting our Therapy Centre to exercise, receive therapy, and socialize.  There is also exercise equipment located in the neighbourhoods for convenience and accessibility.

Physiotherapy services help to maintain or restore mobility and independence.  Occupational therapy is a service which works in partnership with those who have a disability which impacts on their activities of daily living.

The Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist can coordinate access to specialized equipment, through the Red Cross, and the Department of Health, for eligible residents.

Therapeutic Services does a great job of communicating activities and events using Monthly Activity Calendars, Newsletters, and Events Boards throughout the Home.   Feel free to contact Lisa Beckwith ( or call her at 472-3652 if you have any questions regarding any aspect of Therapeutic Services.

Spiritual Care

Our spiritual care practices that are reflected in our Vision and Mission, touch the lives of residents, family and staff.  More than just visitation and Sunday services, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care have become central to our identity as a caring community, part of the reason that Windsor Elms Village is “special” to so many people.

Spiritual Circle is the first program of its kind in Atlantic Canada.  Conducted jointly by the Chaplain and the Musical Therapist, it provides small groups of residents with cognitive challenges and Alzheimer’s Disease, etc. the opportunity to participate in a meaningful worship experience.

Supporting Resident Quality of Life

Donations Graciously Accepted


Methods of giving:

1)  Mail cheque or money order to: Windsor Elms Village, 174 Dyke Road, Falmouth, NS   B0P 1L0

2)   Visit us at 174 Dyke Road, Falmouth, and leave your donation with our Business Office.

3)   Use “Donate Now through Canada Helps” blue button.  See Donations & Bequests menu found on our website for more details.

Income tax receipts will be issued for all donations $10 and over upon request.


For over 50 years Windsor Elms Village has supported Chaplaincy by hosting small fundraising events, and through bequests and kind memorial donations.  The Chaplaincy’s only source of funding is received in this manner.  We strive each year to sustain our Chaplaincy services which relies on generous gifts from our supporters.

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Music Therapy

Residents are able to participate in a variety of active music therapy programs, such as the Resident Chime Choir, neighborhood sing a longs and hymn sings, musical games, and the Spiritual Circle (a program conducted jointly with the chaplain to promote the practice of spirituality among residents with dementia).

In addition to providing welcome entertainment and relief from boredom, these programs help to improve the residents’ quality of life, increase socialization, enhance memory, relieve stress, and give them a chance to express themselves and gain a real sense of accomplishment.

Besides being a lot of fun, this activity helps to enhance motor skills, cognitive skills, fitness, and range of motion.

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