Resident Care

Nursing Care

The Nursing Care of each Resident is carried out under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. The Home provides Nursing Care services on a twenty-four hour basis. In addition to providing daily assistance with personal care, medications, mobility, and other medical needs, our Nursing Staff keeps a regular record on each Resident. Temperature, blood pressure, and weights are taken on a regular basis and individual care plans are reviewed on a routine basis. Personal Care is delivered by Personal Care Workers (PCWs) / Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs).

The Nursing care of our Residents involves the interactive teamwork of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Personal Care Workers.

Registered Nurses supervise staff and Residents, administer and coordinate quality care for the Resident. RNs also identify educational sessions for staff to maintain the highest level of competency in the care of the Resident.

Licensed Practical Nurses, are team leads, who administer medications, provide basic assessments and wound care management.

Personal Care Workers are responsible for the care of the Resident in relation to his/her needs for the activities of daily living.

Nursing services provided include:

  • administration of medications, prescribed by a Physician (no medications prescribed or over the counter are kept in the Residents’ rooms for self-administration).
  • Basic footcare. Complicated footcare is referred to an experienced footcare nurse who visits every eight weeks. All footcare costs provided by a footcare nurse or chiropodst is the the responsibility of the family / resident.
  • Addressing aspects of restorative care. These include exercise and mobility programs, toileting programs, enhancement of self-care, emotional health and well-being, and behavior management.
  • Addressing needs of supportive / palliative care. These include nurturing, identifying the needs for Pastoral Care, and family supports.
  • Responsibility for pain/symptom management.
  • Addressing aspects dealing with health maintenance. These include activity of daily living and optimum functioning abilities, weight and blood pressure screening, disease management, socialization, medication review/education, nutritional monitoring, skin care management, dental, audiology, and visual screening and safety management.
  • Bloodwork and specimen collection done at the Elms by the Registered Nurse / Licensed Practical Nurse. Influenza (yearly) and pneumoccoccal vaccination.
  • Regular resident care plan review.
  • Yearly team resident review meetings
  • Coordinating services that deal with Nursing assessments, interventions, behavioural intervention, medical assessment, physiotherapy, occupational services, and mental health.
  • Arranging appointments and coordinating transportation
  • Assisting with decisions related to Medical Directives (Living Wills / Palliative Care).
  • Committee involvement includes palliative care, infection control, pharmacy committee, occupational health and safety, and resident review meetings.

Medication Guidelines

  1. All prescribed medications are dispensed and given by the Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.
  2. No prescribed medications are to be kept in the Residents’ rooms.
  3. No laxatives or over-the-counter drugs are to be kept in the Residents’ rooms for self-administration.
  4. A drug review of all medications is conducted by the Resident’s physician on a regular basis (every 3 to 6 months).

Please make sure that all prescriptions are delivered to the nursing staff. We would request that families not fill prescriptions when returning from an appointment, but forward them to the nursing staff for processing.

To ensure consistency and accuracy, the Windsor Elms coordinates all resident prescriptions with one local pharmacy.

Concerns Regarding Care

The Director of Care, or Assistant Director of Care is to be contacted if you, your family, or other person responsible have concerns regarding your care. The D.O.C./A.D.O.C. is responsible for co-ordinating all aspects of nursing care. Should your concern be other than nursing care or a general complaint, you should arrange to see the appropriate Neighbourhood Manager or the Chief Executive Officer.

Medical Directives

In the case of a medical emergency, our staff want to be able to provide care consistent with the wishes of the Resident and his/her family. For this reason, we ask that the Resident and/or family be prepared to sign a Medical Directive form which will be presented to you as part of the admission process. This form gives options of comfort care only, comfort care with additional treatment, and advanced care. By signing this form in advance, the Resident has input into his/her care and alleviates a potentially conflicted decision on the part of the family during a time of crisis. This decision can be changed at any time. Realizing that some Residents need time to think through such a decision and discuss it with family members, we ask you to consider this in advance of admission.

The Power of Attorney should have authority to make decisions when the resident is not capable of making his/her own decisions.


Any Resident who is admitted to hospital will be informed by hospital staff of their readiness to return to the Home, along with a reassessment by the Director of Care, or the Assistant Director of Care prior to their return to the Home. This assessment will help to ensure that the Resident is ready for readmission.

Funeral Arrangements

We strongly encourage that funeral arrangements be planned prior to admission and a copy of arrangements be left on file with the Business Office. Should you require assistance, please contact the Director of Care.

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