Physician Services


We have specific physicians assigned to our neighbourhoods.  In this approach, physicians have the opportunity to become more familiar with the residents for whom they are providing medical care.  In addition, physicians have become a more integral part of the care team and actively participate in care planning.

Another aspect of the model is an “on-call” component.   With this on-call system, there is always a physician assigned to receive calls from the staff of the home should they have a concern about the condition of one of our residents. The objective of the on-call system is to provide medical assessment and treatment of our elders in their home as often as possible, without the need to be transferred to the Emergency Room at the hospital. Of course, this may still be required if more complex treatment is required but we are striving to avoid these potentially traumatic transfers for our residents whenever possible

Residents do have the choice of retaining their family physician.

Medical Director

A Medical Director is retained by the Home on a consulting basis.  This service provides emergency and on-call physician services and consultation advice to staff and the Directors of the Home.

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