Foodservice Department

The Foodservice Dept is responsible for providing appetizing, nourishing, and safe meals to all our residents. The Cooks take great pride in their work and are proud of the home baked foods.   The staff are very interested in meeting the needs of the residents.  The Foodservice staff prepare the meals in the central kitchen and deliver them to each house at each meal.  The Foodservice Department is inspected biannually to ensure food safety standards are met. All Foodservice staff have completed professional food safety training.

Clinical Nutrition Services

A registered Dietitian is also on staff to assess each resident’s nutritional status and provide follow-up as necessary.  The Dietitian is typically in each week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The menu consists of a 5 week cycle and changes in the winter and summer to ensure variety.  The houses are also stocked with food items for the residents such as cookies, drinks, milk, fruit, etc.

Meal Guests

Friends & families wishing to join their loved one for a meal are welcome to do so.  Guests are asked to provide at least 1 hour notice to the Foodservice dept to ensure enough food is prepared and sent to the house.  Guests can pay for their meal in advance of the meal at the Café and provide their receipt to staff in the house upon receiving the meal.

Village Cafe

The Village Café is located at the front entrance and is also available to friends and families to enjoy a meal or snack.  Residents view a trip to the Café as an outing to the Village Centre where they can enjoy a social atmosphere of friends, families and staff.

The Foodservice Team’s Commitment is…

  1. Food
    • Foods served are consistently of high quality.
    • Foods served are at the appropriate temperature.
    • Foods are presented in an attractive and appetizing manner.
    • Foods are sold at reasonable prices.
    • As much as is feasible, foods are prepared “from scratch” and are not purchased frozen or otherwise ready-made.
    • Foods are prepared using correct sanitation and food handling procedures.
  2. People
    • We provide excellent customer service.
    • We are cooperative and work as a team.
    • We are have the appropriate training needed and will recognize the need for further education to strengthen our talents.
    • We recognize the need for two-way communication between team members.
    • We value feedback from residents, customers, staff, and each other.
    • We will not compromise the health and safety of our customers and our people.

We value & respect support from the Leadership team and other teams in the organization.

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