Environmental Services

Resident Rooms

Each resident enjoys the privacy of a single room. There are no shared rooms at the Windsor Elms. However, we do have several rooms that have adjoining doors between them. Efforts will be made to accommodate spouses in adjoining rooms, when possible.

Resident rooms are furnished and organized to allow for safety, comfort, and cleanliness in a home-like setting, while encouraging personal preferences when safety is not jeopardized.

Please see Policy Menu for details on what furniture and electrical appliances are permissible in resident rooms. Policy: Furniture & Equipment Safety for Resident Rooms.


The efficient, well-supervised housekeeping staff clean rooms daily; more often when needed. Bathrooms are cleaned daily.

Clothing and Laundry

In-house laundering of personal clothing is included in monthly rates. Clothing should reflect the Resident’s current lifestyle. Numerous coats, hats, boots, shoes, mittens, dresses, sweaters are not needed and can clutter the limited closet space available. Seasonal clothing must be stored either at home or in the Resident’s room. We strongly recommend that all clothing be of the wash and dry variety. All clothing must go to the laundry department for labelling at the time of admission or as purchased.

It is the responsibility of the resident/families to go through clothes once or twice a year and discard any garments which are no longer appropriate. If required, clothing for dry cleaning is picked up and returned to the Reception Desk. Residents are responsible for this payment.


Residents may have their own telephone for a monthly charge payable to Windsor Elms Village. The Business Office can manage hook ups and disconnects as requested. Residents can keep their own local telephone number from their home. Please contact the Business Office before disconnecting your home phone, otherwise a new phone number will be assigned when it is hooked up.

Cable Television

Cable TV is an option that may be purchased as part of the monthly rate, and payment can be made through the Business Office.


The buildings and equipment are maintained on a regular basis. Please report any maintenance needs to the nurse, the reception desk or phone the Director of Environmental Services at 472-3656 to leave a message.

Parking / Building Hours / Door Security

Visitors may park in the specific Neighbourhood Parking areas for which they are visiting. We also have a main parking area by our Main Entrance.

For the safety and security of our residents, staff and guests, we employ an Egress Door Security System which requires a code to enter.

Before 7:00am and after 8:00pm, visitors may enter and exit the Home in the following manner:

  • Through our Main Entrance by ringing the doorbell to notify staff of your arrival.
  • Through neighbourhood entrance using pass code.
  • Windsor Elms Village is a member of: