There are no incidents of outbreaks to report at this time !


Windsor Elms Village is committed to its Vision of being the best place to live, work and visit……today & tomorrow. With that goal in mind, we diligently follow infection control practices that protect our residents, staff, volunteers, and visitors from any contagious illness, such as influenza and noroviruses.

Influenza can present a significant risk to our residents.   Therefore, we ask our visitors to stay away from the home if possible when they are experiencing any symptoms connected with viruses or other contagious illness.   Also, as a general rule, we ask that you follow sound infection control practices such as washing your hands and covering your mouth/nose with your sleeve when you cough or sneeze.

From time to time, throughout flu season, we will quarantine/close an area within a neighbourhood where residents are experiencing symptoms associated with Influenza (fever, cough, fatique, aches, etc) The area will remain closed until 7 days after the last reported resident’s onset of symptoms.  Visiting is discouraged in these areas during these times.  However, family and close friends who wish to visit are welcome and should apply good infection control practice as mentioned above to protect both yourself and the residents.

During flu season (or when you feel unsure) it is always good to contact us at 798-2251 or call the nurse in your loved one’s neighbourhood if you have any questions or concerns.

You may talk to one of our Life Enrichment Care Partners to learn more about activities being scheduled during a flu outbreak.

Sarah Brown, Osprey Ext. 257

Mykayla Pyne, Meadowview Ext. 267

Anne Parks, Fundyview Ext. 277

Volunteers may also contact Sarah Brown, Volunteer Coordinator at 902 798 2251 ext 257




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