Financial Arrangements

Residents’ Accounts

We recommend that all Residents appoint someone to oversee their financial and legal matters, as well as medical consent through a Personal Directive, before entering the Home (Next-of-Kin or Power-of-Attorney or Substitute Decision Maker).  It is the responsibility of the Resident or his/her family designate to make arrangements for the payment of monthly fees.  These arrangements will be made with the Business Office at the time of admission.  Accounts are payable monthly in advance through Automatic Debit.

Prior to the date of admission, all Admission Documents required to be signed that day can be emailed or faxed in advance of the admission. This gives plenty of time to read over the documents before move in day!

Monthly fees cover most of the expenses involved in living at the Elms.  They do not include the co-payment charge on prescription drugs, special medical equipment ordered by a physician or a therapist, special duty nursing (when required), or over-the-counter medications which an individual Resident prefers to those supplied by the Home.

Residents’ Personal Trust Accounts

Private paying Residents are encouraged to open a Personal Trust Account with the Business Office.  This allows for the payment of in-house and incidental expenses. It also eliminates the need to keep cash on hand.

Basic Services included in daily accommodation rate

1.    Clinical and/or personal care

2.   Selected, over the counter medication & treatment products

3.   Specific Physicians are assigned to each of our Neighbourhoods.  This approach is encouraged as Physicians have the opportunity to become familiar with the residents for whom they are providing medical care.  In addition, they become a more integral part of the care team and actively participate in care planning.  However, residents do have the choice of retaining their own family Physician.

4.   Safety engineered insulin syringes for insulin dependent diabetics.

5.    Supplies & equipment needed for resident care, including the management of skin care, incontinence and precautions for infection control.

6.    Standard supplies & equipment for personal hygiene & grooming, including skin care products, shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, denture cups, toilet/facial tissue.

7.    Equipment  for general use (ie: portering wheelchairs, commodes, mechanical lifts, shower chairs, and raised toilet seats.  Note: Does not include items that are individualized for specific residents.

8.    Meal Services – Includes 3/day, afternoon & bedtime snacks.  Therapeutic diets & dietary supplements will be provided when necessary.

9.     Social, recreational and physical activities and programs.

10.  Laundry, labeling, machine washing & drying of personal clothes.

11.  Bedding & linen, including mattresses, pillows, bed linen, washcloths and towels.

12.  Bedroom furniture (bed, bedside table, dresser, wardrobe and/or closet)

13.  Private accommodation with private washroom.  Room assignment may change based on resident care need.

14.  Housekeeping & maintenance

15.  Living & leisure spaces for relaxation inside and outside

16.  Resident trust account services are available if desired.

Residents are responsible for covering the cost of the following:

1.    Appropriate clothing & adequate footwear on an ongoing basis

2.    Medications:  Will be coordinated by WEV through a Pharmacy selected by WEV.

3.    Other treatments or aids ordered by a physician unless otherwise provided as “basic services” of the facility or as benefits of Medical Services Insurance (eg. Footcare)

4.    Assistive devices (eg. Wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.)  These items may be available through the Red Cross Program.

5.    Eyeglasses, dental care, prosthetic devices (eg. Dentures, hearing aids, etc) anything else which may be necessary for the resident’s safety, health and welfare while residing at WEV

6.    Needed repairs and/or replacements of the above personal effects, for Residents who are no longer to care for their personal effects there is a potential risk for lost, misplaced and/or damaged personal items.

7.    Transportation charges, including cost for any ambulance & escort services, if and where applicable to/from hospital or any medical related appointments as ordered or deemed necessary.  Emergency situations may not allow time for pre-approval with POA.

8.    Any costs associated with the funeral of the resident is the responsibility of the resident or his/her estate.  This Home will be advised of any funeral arrangements that are in place.

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