Moving into the Windsor Elms Village

To move into the Windsor Elms or to stay temporarily in a respite room, please complete the following steps.

Please note:  this entire process is coordinated by the Dept. of Health and Wellness.

  1. By calling 1-800-225-7225, you can begin the process through the intake line of the Dept. of Health and Wellness.
  2. A Care Coordinator, from the Dept. of Health and Wellness, will meet with you to access your needs.
  3. The first option that will be explored is whether you can continue to live in your home with the help of home care or other community services (e.g. Meals on Wheels).  Your Care Coordinator will arrange these services for you.
  4. If you need more support than can be provided at home, the Care Coordinator will complete an application for placement to a long-term care facility.
  5. At the same time, you will need to complete a Financial Assessment.  Your Care Coordinator will explain the process to you.
  6. Your name will then be placed on the waiting list for long-term care homes, according to the date your application was approved.

Release of Responsibility

We require that every Resident/family sign a release of responsibility form on the day they move in. In order to provide a comfortable, home-like environment for our Residents, they must be allowed to move about the facility and to attend home wide events (such as bus trips). As a result, there are occasional mishaps, and this form acknowledges that the Resident is aware of such risks and releases the staff/volunteers of the Elms from all responsibility.

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